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Innovative Technology

Staying on the cutting edge of innovation and technology allows us to do a better job.

RIG lives on the cutting edge of innovation and technology in the industry because it makes us better at what we do. Information is power, and the ability to SEE, MODEL, and FORECAST results in better-informed decision-making.


We are a leader in high-quality drone technology and services to our clients using the Skydio X2E Color/Thermal™ and Skydio 2 Enterprise™ drones. Our team also pairs our drones with Reconstruct® software to provide clients the ability to compare reality versus design.


  • Pre/Post-Construction Photography

  • Construction Site Progress Photography 

  • 3D & 4D Modeling

More About Reconstruct®

To enhance use of our drones for project delivery, RIG utilizes the 4D image capture software Reconstruct®. This image processing tool brings together aerial imagery, 3D and 4D models, 2D drawings, maps, and the construction schedule into one platform for ease of identifying conflicts and ensuring in real-time that the team is on track.  Projects utilizing Reconstruct® are flown every two weeks and over one thousand photographs are taken per flight and then stitched together with an algorithm to create a realistic 3D model. This model can then be accessed by project stakeholders and the inspection team in the field. The use of revolutionary software has been proven to support projects on a tight schedule, and involving multiple community stakeholders.



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