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RIG’s most important assets will always be our employees.

All team members have the right to a safe workplace.

Because safety is our number one priority, it's necessarily part of our philosophy and company culture. RIG has created a comprehensive and employee-centric safety program aimed at eliminating risk by arming all our employees with the knowledge and equipment to help them perform their job safely and efficiently.  

Construction inspection & management requires a SAFE mindset. Safety is the responsibility of everyone, from field staff to office staff. Training, weekly communication, and site visits reinforce our commitment and dedication to the safety of our team members.

Our safety committee, which includes our Environmental, Health, & Safety Technician, and field and office staff, ensures we hear our team’s feedback, whether they are reporting safety concerns or sharing new ideas to improve our procedures. RIG empowers its team members to report any incident, near miss, or corrective action through our safety incentive program. This level of transparency assists in prevent hazards and maintaining an environment where every team member goes home injury-free at the end of each workday.

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