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Construction Management and Inspection for the Homewood Coliseum Roof Replacement Project


Pittsburgh, PA


Urban Redevelopment Authority





The Homewood Coliseum Roof Replacement project replaced the roof of the Homewood Coliseum in the 13th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh's Homewood neighborhood. The building is a community fixture, supporting community arts programs and initiatives and serves as a primary venue for community discussions, convening, and gatherings. The project included improvements consisting of roof demolition, parking roof demolition, asbestos abatement, new roofing system (code compliant roof insulation, new roof membrane, extension of parapet walls), installation of roof drains, painting of structural steel, and asphalt patching.

RIG Consulting, Inc., provided Construction Management and Construction Inspection services overseeing the replacement of the roof. Services included providing consultation services during the construction to address design issues and to perform shop drawing review.

As part of this project, RIG utilized the 4D image capture software Reconstruct. Reconstruct is an image processing tool developed by the University of Illinois. It combines aerial imagery, 3-D and 4-D models, 2-D drawings, maps, and construction schedule into one platform. Because the project was in a location that made it difficult for team members to access on a regular basis, Reconstruct allowed the client, contractor, and architect to view progress and conditions without having to be onsite.

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